What does it represent us?

Fair pricing and quality services; two essential aspects in the field of real estate consulting and intermediation, which are the basis of the VRESTATE foundation.

Both sellers and buyers of real estate in Romania have, mainly, two solutions - both being inadequate - either go through the sale-purchase process unassisted, drastically reducing the probability of concluding with a safe and fair transaction for both parties, or choose to be assisted by a company that does not understand their need.

We consider that a buyer deserves to receive adequate advice, leading to the best choice of a property and also to be properly priced.

VRESTATE welcomes the intelligent and open to the new people, who realize that they do not have to throw away a good part of the budget, just to be accompanied by someone to view the properties. We offer a REAL market analysis, we study the client's need, we offer assistance throughout the transaction, but also in choosing the most correct subsequent services (transport of personal goods, renovation, cleaning, contracting utility services, obtaining parking spaces, etc.).

Time: we all live in times when everything is done at a fast pace, daily activities do not offer us the so desired lightness, as in big cities, traveling is often a torment. To choose a property, most of the time we have to view dozens of properties; for each of them we have to set a day and an hour and move to various bridges of the city. This stage can last for a few weeks or even months. VR ESTATE offers the solution to visit virtually all these properties in a few hours, in a comfortable and pleasant setting; all that remains to be done is to choose the most suitable offer/offers and visit it/them with our team, to confirm the fact that reality fully corresponds to the virtual tour.

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity!” - Horace Mann

This is the motto of VRESTATE; we fight to provide a quality service at a CORRECT cost.

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